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Yoga for me is the ability to connect my mind, body and spirituality. Combining these elements has allowed me to experience a most complete level of awareness and enlightenment. as I flow through my vinyasa I am able to achieve a state of mental clarity and harmony that no other exercise has afforded me.. it's the idea that when you leave your shoes at the door of your yoga class you are leaving any stress behind and embarking on a physical and mental release of what is not serving you..


Meditation and Visualization

As a practitioner of meditation, I have found that making the space and time to focus on a mantra along with visualizations have transported me to a place of calm and peacefulness. Meditation has enabled me to optimize my inner peace and approach life with an open mind and increased clarity.

Sensory Therapy

Are you surrounding yourself with everything that makes you smile? If not then don't delay, start now. I grow my favorite flowers and pick them while they are in bloom. When not available I make sure to keep other favorites on hand from the store, I dim the lights, light candles, surround myself with my favorite art and home decor. I make no exceptions when it comes to procuring the softest towels, sheets and robes.
If it touches your skin it should be soft and comfortable. Warm baths and aromatherapy oils are a healthy and calming way to unwind at the end of the day. Treat yourself everyday.

Contact me today for private, semi-private or group instruction:  914.260.5099 or

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