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Healthy Eating

You are what you eat. The importance of eating mindfully and selecting whole foods that are fresh and never processed is essential to good health.

It's all about eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated and avoiding excessive salt, fat, and sugar. 

Healthy Eating

​ Organic Foods
It is of utmost importance to fortify the body with high quality organic food. Whenever possible make sure to properly plate your food, and follow this simple equation: 60% organic vegetables and 40% lean protein.
This is an equation that I utilize most of the time. I also limit white flour, baked goods and excessive carbohydrates.

Focus on sitting down not standing and eating without rushing. Being sure to taste and appreciate every bite.

My Favorite Beverages

I enjoy water with lemon throughout the day and utilize a refillable glass bottle to keep it available to me at all times.

as a compliment to water with lemon, I really enjoy green juice blends as well.

I have discovered slow juicing and find that this approach produces nutrient and vitamin dense results. The juice is translucent, pure and free of excessive frothing and skins. One of my favorite blends includes: organic celery, cucumber, apple, ginger root, turmeric root, orange, lemon, parsley, mint and carrot.

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